The Company

“Nuova Geosud s.a.s. di F. Saraceno” is a general partnership company that takes care of the planning, realization and testing of specialized construction works for public and private entities. The company is especially grounded in the construction of piles, micropiles and boreholes, in the execution of drillings, riveting operations, anchorages and horizontal crossings, and in the realization of sewers and water systems with their relative lifting apparatus.
Aware of how important a proper company management is to provide high-quality services, we decided to devise and adopt a Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO
9001:2008 Standards, allowing us to fulfill another crucial goal: the attention to quality and to the client’s satisfaction as basic elements for the achievement of optimal results.
For this reason, our team is chosen and trained with the objective to ensure the highest degree of expertise and professionalism in the different corporate functions and to keep the improvement and updating of Human Resources as steady as possible.
In this perspective, our company has been developing specific programs that aim at filling the gap between technological
advance and professional roles. The company’s policies defined by the Management Office are meant to guarantee high standards of performance by means of proper formative activities and constant updating on the one hand and the modernization of facilities and technologies on the other.


Our Story

When it was established in 1974, Nuova Geosud was an engineering company and workshop specialized in the realization of artesian wells for the purification of groundwater tables and realization of their relative lifting and distribution apparatuses.
In almost forty years of service, the company has developed the necessary know-how in terms of technological expertise as well as planning and execution of any kind of underground drilling operations, always keeping up its engineering workshop activities as an added value.
Such assets and specializations, as well as the company’s evolution in terms of market and clients, can be aptly represented by a peculiar Quality Management System that is also compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 and S.O.A. Certifications.

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